Here’s what many satisfied visitors to the LBSS Business Advice Sessions at the British Library have to say about their experience on their Feedback Forms:

“Very helpful, useful information provided. Made me think about the businesses that I’m interested in pursuing and the direction I need to take.”

“It was a very helpful session with lots of practical advice given to me. I felt Steve knew the answer to every question asked. I’ll use the service again.”

“Incredibly helpful, much better than I hoped! Thank you.”

“It was very useful for us to think about the basics on how to start our business. Nauzar gave us lots of realistic advice which we can follow.”

“Excellent! Made me look into two main strategies to focus on – marketing and collaboration.”

“Excellent, really helpful. So glad I came, brilliant advice – thank you so much Nicola!”

“Thank you for telling me I am somebody. I am starting to believe it.”

“It was really good – I would use again and recommend to anyone wanting to start a business.”

“Excellent session with some clear guidance and actionable next steps. Thank you.”

“Lots of good advice – Many thanks.”

“Excellent session – great information and a genuinely bespoke service”

“Excellent session giving me guidance and advice to confidently manage my business properly. Thank You!”

“Excellent information and advice”

“Thanks for offering such an excellent and inspiring service”

“Really good to get your input about the route-to-market and marketing. My head has been buzzing with ideas ever since.”

“Thank you for our meeting yesterday. It was very informative and valuable and helped me to get a better understanding of the way I need to proceed.”

“It was very good to meet you on Wednesday at the British Library Session – many thanks for your advice and encouragement.”

“Fantastic Session. Lots of useful advice. Thanks You!”

“Super helpful, absolutely invaluable and relevant advice. Really great tips and strategy advice. Couldn’t recommend these sessions enough!!”

“Fantastic insight into marketing strategy”

“Very useful and informative. I have been given lots of ideas to go away and work on”

“Very inspiring and helpful. I know what to do next”

“It was a very helpful conversation I got many ideas from it”

“I’ve been telling my friends how useful your session was and all of the tips you provided in an hour. It’s definitely worth the investment, so thank you.”

“Very helpful & informative – thank you”

“Above and beyond what I expected”

“Very interesting and incredibly helpful. I learned things I would never have known otherwise”

“Really excellent practical and emotional advice. Brilliant!”

“Nicola gave me a plethora of advice for me to work on. Inspiring!”

“I really appreciated our discussion, thank you, and it has certainly given me good ideas for the way forward and some renewed enthusiasm for it.

“It’s rewarding to have the business validated. I came out feeling positive about the business and a lot more confident that I was on the right track”

“Very helpful, lots of amazing advice and given us a lot to think about.” – Gus Cavanagh, Augustus Bloom.

“Really helped to clarify what I actually need to do next. I’d been very confused by all the options before this.” – Jaime Johnson, Young Giants

“Best business hour I’ve had in a long time – great information, great atmosphere, hugely informative – very grateful” – Gary Albans, Snabla

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