All of our senior advisors at LBSS have started and run their own businesses, so have first-hand experience in overcoming the hurdles that may occur when trying to successfully start-up and run a business.

It may be that you are start-up entrepreneur and have met some difficulties in the setting up process, or perhaps you have a specific business idea and would like the opinion and feedback of an experienced advisor to develop a business plan and access funding to launch your business.

Or it could be that you are at an early-stage of business development, or already an established business and experiencing growing pains or reached a plateau and aren’t sure of what the next appropriate steps are to take.

LBSS British Library Business Advice Sessions

Our business advice sessions are suitable for any type of business in any type of situation, and our experienced business advisors are here to provide you with the best advice based upon the knowledge and experience they have accumulated throughout the years.

The advice sessions take place on the first Wednesday of every month at the Business & IP Centre at The British Library (five min walk from Euston and Kings Cross tube stations).

Advice Session dates for 2020
• January 8th
• February 5th
• March 4th
• April 1st
• May 6th
• June 3rd
• July 1st
• August 5th
• September 2nd
• October 7th
• November 4th
• December 2nd