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Environmental review


This review will assess the Environmental performance of your company generally and will analyse the effectiveness with which it is meeting the legal requirements. We will recommend ways in which you can improve performance.


The review is delivered by an experienced adviser and provide a balanced view of the issues that your business needs to address to comply with regulatory requirements and in-so-doing run your business more effectively


The review is based on information gathered face-to-face from the senior management team supplemented by data gathered from other staff via a structured questionnaire. We will look into regulatory requirements and explore:

business support systems
the environmental impact of your business
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the significance of that impact on the environment
business support solutions
how you keep up to date with regulatory changes
london business development
if you have anyone trained in environmental management
business support services
how much the business spends on managing waste or energy


The review will be concluded by providing you with a report that covers all aspects of your activities, their impacts on the environment and how significant that may be. It will provide mechanisms to notify, comply with, and keep up to date with legislation. The report will also include an action plan that identifies key steps you will need to take to manage your environmental impact more effectively and achieve quick wins with low/no cost actions.

Cost and Timing:

The review will require approximately 2 hours from the relevant senior management representative plus approx. 2 hours for a review of the business premises and operations. The LBSS Senior Adviser will then take the feedback, analyse the results and develop a comprehensive report and action plan that meets the needs of your business. Cost is dependent on both company size and operations and likely to be of the order of £750 plus VAT.

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